" 5 star quality level and understanding of service in Uludağ that you have always missed... "
Bof Hotels Uludağ which offers you the quality level and understanding of service that you have always missed to find in Uludag is about  to be opened  in the 2. region as the newest hotel on  the mountain peak!!!.... The unique nature and weather of Uludağ is  also waiting for you during the summer months besides during the period of  winter sports. You  have to experience Uludag throughout  four seasons   with its rare plants which grow seasonally and walking tracks    besides the winter sports… Bof Hotels Uludağ offers to you, its esteemed guests,  an accomodation service beyond your expectations with its 167 rooms that have different designs. During your accomodation  in our hotel you may taste the splendid flavors in our restaurant, indulge yourself with patisserie at the five o’clock in our cafe and dance until the first lights of the morning in the night club… If you wish you may  work out in the Ceo Health Club or  get rid of the fatigue of the day in the spa section. We have made everything available which you may need for your meetings and organizations… and of course you find in the shopping mall part everything that you may need   throughout your accomodation and meetings.
Volfram deatchable –  ski-run  which is the longest ski-run  on which our guests may ski   as well as a total number of 7 mechanical skiing  premises and 18 seperate ski-runs  connected to them  are located in the 2. development region of Uludağ in which our hotel is also located. You may easily have Access to all the ski-runs of Uludağ  through the ski-run area of our hotel using the common system ski-card.
There is no season in Uludag with Bof Hotels Uludag…